Are clients allowing accompanied appointments for check ins and check outs

Check in and check out reports are important for both landlords and tenants. The report outlines the condition of a property, as well as its contents both at the start and at the end of a tenancy. Usually, these reports are compiled by a licensed inventory clerk and will include a written document, as well as photographs. As a tenant, you should read the check in report carefully prior to moving in, to make sure the property and contents are accurate and as described in the report. If you do not raise issues or discrepancies with the check in report, you may face issues receiving your deposit back when you move out. For landlords, the check in and check out report can be an important document if a dispute arises with a tenant.

Inventory reports post covid 

During the Covid lockdown, it was not possible to have accompanied appointments for check ins and check outs. However, restrictions have since relaxed and accompanied appointments are once again possible, although this is often on a case-by-case basis and safety protocols should still be diligently followed by all parties. This means wearing masks, limiting direct physical contact, sanitizing hands and surfaces as necessary. 

Discuss with your inventory clerk if accompanied appointments are possible. If not, then the inventory clerk will perform the check in and check out procedure and send their report to you as quickly as possible afterwards. If an accompanied appointment is possible, then make sure you understand the Covid protocols and make sure you adhere to them. Many landlords and letting agents are asking tenants to leave interior room doors open and lights switched on, to limit the unnecessary touching of door handles, switches and other surfaces. It is important that all parties adhere to Covid protocols, so that everyone can remain safe.