Inventories in London

This report allows the landlord to check the current condition with report, providing the landlord with a strong legal protection if anything is damaged. Everything is included, from the type and condition of interior decoration to the number and condition of furnishings. Inventories are equally important for unfurnished properties; if the main front door is scratched in top left hand corner, this is recorded. At Ashworth Group we also provide photographs; this helps us to provide a more accurate depiction of the condition of the property. You can think of an inventory as a type of guarantee for the condition of the property where if anything is damaged, missing or broken then the tenants will be obliged to cover the expenses.

What’s the main benefit of enlisting an inventory service?

In a fast-paced city like London, the duties of a landlord and tenant have become more difficult. Having an inventory provides peace of mind not just for landlords but also for tenants too. This is why at Ashworth Group we pay extremely high attention to detail to ensure a smooth transition. Tenants are also protected as the entire property’s condition is recorded beforehand so they cannot be accused of any damages they haven’t caused.

Who are the main clients for an inventory service?
Generally our client base ranges from corporate estate agents and other SME’s to private landlords. Why are Inventory services becoming more popular? Since the introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) independent third party inventories have never been more important. Every day people are faced with difficult situations with their landlords and tenants. As the public is becoming more aware that inventory services are the solution to disputes, the services have become almost a necessity when letting out properties.

When is a property Inventory report most effective?
Property Inventory Reports are most effective when both the tenant and landlord have full confidence in them. In our experience, that only happens when an independent professional, such as Ashworth Group, completes the Inventory reports. Our research shows that it’s not just the big things that upset agents and landlords; the small defects can also cause issues. We take the hassle out of the renting and letting process.

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