Three things that you must look for in an inventory company

If you’re a savvy landlord who likes to keep their letting business in great shape, you’ll already know by now that working with an inventory company is an absolute must.

It gives you that extra peace of mind when you’re renting out your property, and it can help to ensure that any issues are quickly dealt with before they spiral out of control. Ever experienced the difficult situation of disagreeing with your tenant about the state in which the property was left? If so, you’ll know that you really need to cover your back in this area. 

But, the big question is, which inventory company should you choose? It goes without saying that not all of them operate to the same quality standards, so you need to do a little digging to ensure that you’re choosing a business that can really deliver the results that you need. Here, we take a look at three things that you absolutely must look for when you’re selecting the inventory company that you’ll work with.


Attention to detail

 To make sure that you’re covered legally in the case of any disputes, your inventory reports should be as detailed as possible. Having a list of the items in the building quite simple isn’t enough – there needs to be clear documentation of the condition of every fixture and fitting. Obviously, this is no simple task, so you need to make sure that the inventory company you choose will take the time to make sure that everything is carried out correctly, and without missing any important details.

Obviously, no provider is going to admit to cutting corners when they’re trying to win your business, so you need to do a little digging. Ask about their processes, their quality control, and how they operate their checks on a practical level. The best inventory companies in London and other locations throughout the UK will be more than happy to give you all the information you need.


Speedy turnaround

When you’re letting our property, you’re often working to a tight schedule. When one tenant moves on, it makes sound business sense to get the next tenant settled in as quickly as you can. After all, time means money, and waiting around can have a negative impact on your earnings. So when you’re choosing your inventory company, you need to find one that can commit to a reasonably quick turnaround. 

Of course, this should never be at the cost of a quality service, but a good company will be able to tell you exactly how long the service will take, and when they can deliver the completed report.


Photographic evidence

 One of the best ways to avoid any disagreements between a tenant and a landlord is to have photographic evidence of the state in which the property was left. Having a written report is one thing, but if you have visual evidence, there’s really no arguing with the hard facts that are presented.


Ashworth Group is a London inventory company that certainly delivers in this respect. The clerks usually take over 100 photos at every property they attend, and then use them to form the basis of their written reports. The ones that aren’t used are stored on servers just in case they’re needed at a later date, so you can be sure that you have all the evidence you need in the case of a dispute occurring.