Everyone wants affordable furniture. But what many consumers may not know is that some cheaper or second-hand furniture, mainly upholstered furnishings, can be extremely flammable and can pose a serious fire hazard. This is especially true if the furniture or furnishings are not compliant with fire resistance regulations. In fact, all upholstered furniture and furnishings sold in the U.K. are legally required to have a fire safety label. This label can be found sewn onto the edge of a cushion or edge of a sofa or settee. So, check any furniture that you want to buy has such a label and if it doesn’t, don’t buy it!

Fire Safety Regulations 

Old, used upholstered furniture or furniture that was made prior to 1988 may not have a fire safety label, because the fire safety regulations were only implemented in that year. However, just because it doesn’t have a fire safety label, doesn’t mean that you cannot make the sofa, settee, ottoman or armchair safe.

The main issue is with the fabric covering and foam that is used for the cushion or cushioning. These can be extremely flammable, if they do not meet fire safety regulations. One option would be to replace all the cushions and fabric coverings with materials that are fire retardant and compliant with fire regulations. There are many companies or professional re-upholsters that will custom cut foam that meets or often exceeds the fire safety regulations in order to make your furniture fire compliant. Find out more information about fire safety of furniture and furnishings at the Fire Safety Advice Centre (https://www.firesafe.org.uk).