How can an inventory company save my letting agency money?

As the ambitious owner of a letting agency, you’ll know all too well that keeping costs low is an integral part of future success. Bringing the cash in is one thing, but if your outgoings are spiraling out of control, it can really stall your growth.

The good news here is that by using the services of a professional inventory such as Ashworth Group, you could save your letting agency a significant chunk of money. Let’s take a look at where the savings can all add up.


Up-skilling your own staff to carry out this work can be very costly

It’s easy to think that you can just send your existing members of staff to carry out inventories, but it’s really not quite that simple. It’s a job that needs care and attention, and if you want to ensure that it’s carried out to the highest possible standard, you’ll need to invest in training and development to bring your employees up to speed. This can cost quite a hefty sum, and all of this is before you even consider the costs of having your staff out of the office and away from their usual jobs.

When you use the services of an inventory company in London or wherever your properties might be located, you’re just paying for that particular job to be carried out. There’s no worrying about training your existing staff and having them out of the office, so there’s no disruption to the way you run your business.


It minimises the likelihood of having to deal with disputes

Doing everything by the book, and having the work carried out by true professionals, is a sure-fire way to avoid any problems from occurring. Tenants and landlords alike will be sure that the job has been carried out properly, and this is likely to result in fewer disputes for you to deal with.

Not only do these disagreements take up your time, which comes at a cost, but they can also be bad for business. At all costs, you want to avoid landlords telling their contacts that they experienced problems with your agency that took an age for you to sort out. And of course, disputes just aren’t pleasant to deal with. `As well as saving yourself cash, you’ll be making your job much easier. Who doesn’t want that?


It gives your potential clients extra confidence in what you do

Landlords aren’t short of options when it comes to finding letting agencies to manage their properties, so if you want to beat off the competition, you’ll need to offer something special. A key concern that they’re likely to have when they’re looking for an agency is how the condition of their property will be maintained, and what will happen in the case of any problems in this area. In short, what will happen in the tenant causes damage? When you’re working with a professional inventory company, you have the best answer possible for this question. You simply explain that you outsource this aspect to the professionals, and absolutely no corners are cut.

Essentially, using the services of an inventory company will attract more landlords to your business, and will prevent you from sending that money in the direction of your competitors. Peace of mind is a great thing to offer your clients, and this is absolutely the way to do it.