Spring cleaning check list

Spring is a popular time to undertake a big clean. After the dark winter months, brighter and warmer spring days means windows can be opened and most importantly dust and dirt become more visible. Efficiently cleaning the whole house is a big task and the following room-by-room spring cleaning check list will help make sure you don’t miss anything!

The hallway and entrance:

A very high traffic area, you probably clean this area on a regular basis. However, it is a good idea to do a thorough spring clean and perhaps a little reorganisation. The shoe closet is a potentially odour-causing area that is definitely worth a good cleaning.

  • Hoover all rugs and mats and then take them outside for a good shake-out and airing.
  • Take shoes out of shoe closet or rack, dust and use an odour spray.
  • Remove winter coats and shoes and store them elsewhere, if you have space. Clean boots and winter shoes thoroughly, removing dirt and salt.
  • Move small furniture and hoover the area.
  • Use an antibacterial wipe to clean off door handles and light switches.
  • Get rid of scuff marks on walls and furniture by using a cleanser or magic eraser sponge.

The living & dining room:

Upholstery, such as sofas and carpets, tend to soak up smells and dust, and will need a big spring clean!

  • Remove all soft furnishings from sofas and chairs. Wash anything that can be washed. Big cushions such as sofa cushions should be taken outside for airing. 
  • Hoover the sofas and chairs, especially under the cushions. You might find some treasures here!
  • Wipe down remote controls, light switches and chair arms with an anti-bacterial wipe.
  • When TVs and other electronic devices make be sure to use special non-abrasive cloths or dusters. 
  • Hoover carpets and rugs – remove and air out where possible.
  • Clean windows, including curtains and blinds. Wash curtains, if possible.
  • Polish any wooden furniture with wood polish.
  • Dust off ornaments and bookshelves.
  • Move dining room chairs and other small furniture and hoover the area.

The kitchen:

The kitchen is used every day and cleaned fairly regularly, but a deep clean is a great thing to do on a periodic basis. There are many nooks and crannies here worth cleaning.

  • Use a specialised hob and oven cleaner to do a thorough clean. This is especially true for the microwave. 
  • Use anti-bacterial wipes to wipe down all handles and switches in the kitchen. Don’t forget the microwave touch panel, fridge handle and various appliance knobs. 
  • Empty fridge and thoroughly clean the shelves and bins inside, throw out any old food items and condiments. Most freezers do not need to be defrosted anymore, but if yours does, defrost your freezer.
  • Clean windows. Wash any curtains, if possible.
  • Clean and change any filters from overhead hoods and vents. Use a de-grease cleaner, if necessary.
  • Get into those small areas, such as next to the hob and fridge and hoover these small areas.
  • Mop the floor.

The bedrooms:

Refreshing your bedroom is a great way to start your spring. Open those windows and let fresh air in and air out all those duvets and pillows.

  • Switch all your duvets and sheets to cool and crisp, summer sheets and light blankets.
  • Air out all duvets and pillows – store winter duvets, wash if possible.
  • Hoover under the bed and bedside tables. Dust will have accumulated in small crevices.
  • Clean windows and wash curtains, if possible.
  • Dust any bookshelves or ornaments.
  • Wash rugs and mats or air out carpets. If not, do a deep carpet clean.

The bathrooms:

During the winter months when it’s difficult to open windows or let fresh air into the bathrooms, mildew tends to build up. This means that spring is a great time to clean the grout and polish the floors.

  • Clean soap scum from bathtubs and showers. Take extra care to clean crevices, handles and faucets.
  • Clean toilet bowl, seat and outside. Spray with disinfectant and wipe.
  • Remove items from around the sink and vanity and clean inside and out.
  • Change and wash all bathroom linens where possible, rugs, mats, towels and curtains.
  • If your bathroom has an air vent or fan, clean these.
  • If your shower or bathtub has a shower curtain, this is a good time to wash the curtain or replace it, if it has mildew on it.
  • Dust and wipe any bathroom closets and shelves.

Sometimes doing everything yourself can be overwhelming and you might want to consider some professional help. Whether it’s the whole house or certain areas or just getting carpets professionally deep cleaned, its money well spent and time saved.