Association of Independent Inventory Clerks

As members of the AIIC, we have experience of wear and tear issues and all other associated areas in the field of residential inventory.

We follow the AIIC approved guidelines of professional practice and ensure a high quality service to our clients and their tenants.

Because we are independent, we are in an ideal position to be impartial in disputes and with our AIIC accreditation you can be assured that we are following the industry’s best regulatory practices.

Our clerks are all trained and monitored on an on-going basis by the AIIC to ensure a high standard of service for our customers.

We believe that:

  • Inventories compiled by an independent and unbiased party are viewed more favourably in a court of law.
  • Meeting with tenants and managing their expectations is essential.
  • Reports should be thorough and well laid out.
  • Special attention should be paid to the cleanliness of a property.
  • We can enable management companies to remain neutral and distant from any disputes.
  • The elimination of disputes between both management companies and tenants and landlords can save time and money thus encouraging repeat business

Listening to feedback from management companies, and tailoring services to suit, will help us to deliver a better service.