Residential Inventory Services

As a tenant or homeowner, it is important to have an inventory report compiled by a Professional Independent. Inventory reports can be used for various purposes, but one aspect remains the same, they need to be accurate, detailed and easy to understand, cutting out jargon. Ashworth Group can provide you with professional residential inventory services. We are an accredited member of the Association of Independent Clerks (AIIC) and the Association of Professional Inventory Providers (APIP). We adhere to all the guidelines and professional practices set forth by the AIIC and are proud to have been recognised as market leaders in the field of inventory services.


Reasons for an Inventory Report

An inventory report can be used for insurance purposes. For instance, if your property and belongings are damaged or lost during a fire, burglary or natural disaster or other circumstances, and you need to make an insurance claim. When an incident like this occurs, it is almost impossible to remember all the items you possessed and what they were worth. A professional inventory report will list all your household items and their value. This will allow you to file a complete claim and ensure that you will receive sufficient reimbursement to cover your losses from the insurance company.


Inventory reports for legal purposes

An inventory report can also be used in the case of divorce, when assets need to be clearly accounted for. We have worked with individuals, as well as law firms, to draw up detailed inventory reports in divorce cases. Other uses of an inventory report can be for a sale or liquidation of a property or simply as part of your overall estate planning process.

Talk to our fully accredited inventory clerks about what your needs are and they will prepare an accurate, detailed and easy-to-understand inventory report. We will also include high resolution photographs where necessary.


Contact us about our residential inventory services, so we can work with you to get your inventory report started.

Residential Inventory Services