Types of Inventory Reports

Inventory Report

Ashworth Inventory Reports are detailed and provide a comprehensive listing of all the fittings, appliances and contents of a property. The inventory reports are compiled by our accredited and experienced inventory clerks. All items listed in the inventory report will have comprehensive notes outlining their condition and where appropriate, will be accompanied by photographs. Our inventory reports can easily be downloaded from our client Dashboard tool 24-hours a day.

For landlords and tenants, the inventory clerk will take all the utility meter readings for the check-in and check-out reports. For our B2B clients, we will provide detailed commercial inventory reports, according to the requirements set forth by you. Ashworth Group can help manage properties efficiently, whether you own one or multiple properties.

Generally speaking, inventory reports can be prepared within 24 hours of the inventory being taken at a property and a landlord does not necessarily have to be present, as long as our clerk is given access to the property. Our experienced inventory clerks will work hand-in-hand with you to make sure we can meet your deadlines and needs. You will be alerted when reports are available and all our reports can easily be accessed electronically.

Mid-term Report

For landlords, a mid-term inventory report is the only way to evaluate how a tenant is maintaining a property. Mid-term reports can be completed every three, six, or twelve months, depending on the length of the tenancy agreement. The inventory clerk will check the usual items for a property inventory report, such as the condition of appliances and other fixtures. But a mid-term report can also be used to evaluate the overall condition of the property, as well as making sure that only the named tenants are living there and the property has not been sublet. The inventory clerk can also provide an assessment of any maintenance work that may be required, as well as check that the tenant is abiding by agreements set forth in the lease, such as not using the property for commercial purposes, smoking, keeping pets and so forth.  

Snagging Report

Ashworth Group will compile a snagging report for tenants, home-buyers, landlords, commercial property owners and property developers. ‘Snagging’ is an informal term used in the construction industry concerning repairs or snags that need to be fixed at a property. A snagging report is a must for homebuyers. A professionally prepared snagging report could pinpoint potential issues with a property that might cost hundreds or thousands pounds to repair. Our experienced clerks will undertake a walk-through of the property, both inside and out, and record any defects, damages, omissions or alterations that may be required. The clerk will also point out if there are things that look like they may not be up to standard or issues that may lead to problems in the future, as well as pointing out any serious issues, such as structural problems with a property. This snagging report can then be transmitted to the landlord, contractor, developer or property owner and can be used as a starting point for discussions about fixing these issues and who will pay them.

Check-in Report

Ashworth Group will prepare a detailed check-in report for the landlord at the beginning of a tenancy. The check-in report differs from the inventory report, as it outlines the condition of the property on the day the tenant moves into the property. Our accredited clerk will compile a detailed inventory of the property, as well as describe the condition of each room in the property and its fittings. A detailed list of appliances and their condition will also be made, as well as listing all keys, permits and any other relevant items that are being handed over to the tenant. Our clerk will also take all meter readings and detail these in the check-in report. Where appropriate, the report will include photographs. It is important for the check-in report to be detailed and clearly written, because it will be used as a reference document for the check-out report at the end of a tenancy. This report can also be used as evidence, if a legal dispute should occur with tenant.

Check-out Report / End of Tenancy Report

Ashworth Group will prepare a detailed check-out report for the landlord at the end of a tenancy. Our accredited clerk will do a thorough walk-through of the property and look at the condition of each room and its fittings. The clerk will use the check-in report to make a comparison and compile a check out or end of tenancy report based on the discrepancies. When appropriate, photographs will be taken of discrepancies or damages and embedded in the check-out report. The clerk will also take the final meter readings for the utilities. This report can also be used as evidence, if a legal dispute should occur with tenant. 

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