EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report)

Properly installed and maintained electrical systems in your home, office or rental property are integral to everyone’s safety. Under UK law, landlords of both commercial and residential buildings must have a EICR completed at least every five years to certify the electrical safety of a building. For home buyers, obtaining a EICR is important to determine that the electrical system in a home is safe and properly installed. Homeowners should consider having an EICR inspection at least every 10 years to ensure the safety of their electrical system.

An EICR inspection should be completed on a regular basis by a certified technician. Ashworth Group has specially trained and certified inspectors that undertake the EICR inspection. As of July 1, 2020, new regulations came into effect, which requires landlords to undertake an EICR inspection on rental properties every five years. The landlord must provide tenants, as well as the local authorities with a copy of the EICR. Non-compliance could lead to a monetary penalty of up to £30,000, as well as criminal charges for very severe cases.

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