What makes an Inventory Company ‘’Professional’’?

A professional Inventory company/clerk should firstly and most importantly have associations that they are a part of. The most common associations in London are the APIP and AIIC who are both widely respected with estate agents and many property management companies.  At Ashworth Group we are proud to say that we are associated with both organisations and are proud winners of the Inventory clerks or the year 2 years running for the AIIC

The cost for an independent clerk can vary depending on the size of the property and weather it is furnished or unfurnished. As a rough guide, you could be looking at approximately £100.00 for an unfurnished property, while £130.00 for furnished properties

If there is a disagreement at the end of a tenancy between landlord and tenant which needs the assistance of a tenancy deposit protection scheme TDS or DPS, the independent inventory clerk’s report will be a vital piece of evidence to help resolve the situation quickly and amicably. This is where the initial cost of an independent clerk can be a very wise investment. You might be lucky and not need to go to this stage but if you did then you’ll be glad you invested in a good quality company to conduct the job for you at the start such as Ashworth Group