Tips on how to keep your office clean and looking professional

Tidy all wires

Some trunking wrapped around wires can go a long ways toward cleaning things up. Make sure that you have wires that are long enough to hide out of the way.


Minimalism is key

Limit decorations on your desk as much as possible. While it’s great to personalise your work area so it won’t look so dull, putting too many stuffed toys, mini figurines and pictures of loved ones is going to clutter your desk (not to mention, they will collect dust over time).


Patience, one thing at a time

Once an item is done, all the associated documents should be stored or discarded before pulling out the next item and its related documents to work on. This not only keeps your desk clear, but gives a wonderful sense of accomplishment and a strong sense of moving through your day quickly and effectively.


Food is a no no

While taking a lunch break at the desk may be efficient in some circumstances, it can be quite messy and unprofessional if clients come in and see loose crumbs or wrappers laying around the office.


Loose the rubbish

Get rid of the garbage. Don’t let it sit around the office for a couple of days: shred, recycle or toss.


Clean regularly

By sticking to a schedule, most people can make it easier for themselves to keep the area clean, neat, and organized.