New EU Regulations for blinds and shutter safety

The new standards will mandate:

  • safety devices for preventing any cords or chains from forming a hazard
  • the testing of all safety critical items of internal blinds
  • the testing of blinds using safety devices
  • the installation of safety devices on the product at the point of manufacture
  • maximum cord and chain lengths
  • warnings and instructions
  • packaging and point-of-sale information.
Who needs these new standards?
The new standards do not apply to blinds already installed in prople's homes. However as landlords you have a duty of care towards our tenants. None of is would want to live with the death of a child on our conscence.
You may well not rent to families, However, you may well rent to a young couple, who just happen to have a baby during their tenancy.
It really is simple to make blinds safe, with the use of clips and chain breakers and cord tensioners.