Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours well at least that’s the saying anyway but truth is it’s nice enough to not have grief from them. There is nothing more disruption than bad neighbours in the neighbourhood and as a landlord you’re the one who is going to be receiving the most complaints, and as they’re in your rented property it’s going to be your responsibility.

Landlords generally like to have their business as stress free as possible, which was what they intended when they first came into the market. Sadly, there are just some tenants that you can’t trust. Luckily for landlords, if a tenant is being disruptive and annoying the other residents, there is permission from the law to kick them out quickly; this is called the fast-track process for landlords.

New powers are being introduced by the government to allow landlords to get rid of their neighbours from hell as quickly as possible. There has always been the issue landlords have had in the past when a tenant has destroyed the property, been complained about by the neighbours or have owed the landlord a lot of money in rent. Unfortunately, landlords have had to go ahead with court proceedings to evict the tenants, now with the fast-track it means that they don’t have to wait around they can get rid of them in a week maximum as opposed to waiting the month.

This is going to be a new luxury for landlords as before it made the ‘choosing a tenant’ decision much harder. If you picked a wrong one, well regardless as to whether you were a private landlord or not, you were going to have to wait some time before you could see the back of them for good. The new permit from the government is going to change a lot of things in the property market, neighbours who have faced bad experiences in the past will be happy to know that they won’t have to put up with the tenants from hell for so long as they had faced before.

We can debate that it was wrong to wait around for court proceedings if your tenant was costing you a lot of money, if they had destroyed your property or not obeying by the negotiation which was made at the very beginning. It’s a landlord’s property they should be able to dismiss who they please; well at least they have the new power from the government to back them in future.

If you have had bad tenants in the past and you want to ensure you never have to go through it again, or perhaps you’re new to the property market and you don’t want to face a bad encounter, then make sure you contact us, Ashworth Group.