Ashworth Group scoops an industry award once again!

Ashworth Group has scooped an industry award once again for clerk of the year presented by the aiic. We were awarded in 2013 and now in 2015 giving us the prestigious stance of becoming the only company in the history of the aiic to win twice. With over 750 members countrywide it is a strong position to be in for our company. As a residential Inventory specialist we picked up the most votes from landlords and estate agents to take home the trophy.

Residential Inventory involves compiling reports on the condition of a property, as well as a contents list of its fixtures and fittings, before and after it is let to tenants. The aim of Ashworth Group is to provide complete transparency to the process for both tenant and landlord to eliminate disagreements relating to deposits. In the past five years the introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Scheme and Deposit Protection Service legislation has seen an increased move to protect deposits from unscrupulous landlords, this has also led to an increase in demand for inventory reports and a surge in business.

A large percentage of business activity, within our firm increased as this legislation became active, it meant landlords becoming more aware that there are risks associated with tenants and lettings. This has greatly aided in our growth and maturity into a strong and established business. We now have a large staff set up consisting of Inventory, EPC clerks and typists working with us to provide an extremely responsive and efficient range of services to our cliental. We’ve become an ever-growing property services machine. Because of the streamlined company structure at Ashworth Group, which now employs over 25 members of staff, turnaround on inventory reports is incredibly quick, with delivery sometimes taking place the same day. Our aim from 2015 onwards is to make the company streamlined, to make it as swift as possible from when the booking is made to when the job is complete. Our clients don’t hear problems. Once they’ve booked, the next thing they see is the job complete and the tenant/ landlord happy.

We hope this award brings us more recognition both in and out of London, our next milestone is aiming to become more recognised and influential in North and west London. We believe winning this award will increase the motivation and drive within Ashworth Group and push us to be even better. In addition, it will allow potential clients to distinguish Ashworth Group as a trustworthy, reliable and respectable company. We are now one of the longest established inventory companies in London.