What exactly is an Energy Performance Certificate and why do I need one?

In accordance with the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, by 2009 all buildings in the UK that are constructed, sold or rented were required to have to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

An EPC gives information on the energy usage, running costs and potential improvements that could be made to reduce the energy usage and carbon dioxide emission of the property. An assessment is carried out by an accredited Domestic Energy Assessor who takes the information and processes it with specialist software which gives a rating for your property.

We need an EPC because our environment is under threat from climate change and a major contributor to this change is the burning of fossil fuels for energy production. Reducing our Carbon Dioxide emissions by ensuring we use energy efficiently in the home, work and whilst travelling can help reduce the effects of climate change

The first efficiency ratings were for electrical appliances to enable the consumer to make an informed decision on their purchase with regards to climate change and running costs. This rating system was then further extended to buildings in the form of an Energy Performance Certificate which gives the owner or potential purchaser an indication of the energy performance and running costs of the property with the additional benefit of showing where improvements can be made.

As stated earlier, all homes bought, sold or rented now require an EPC.