Cleaning FAQ

Are the cleaning products you use within a property industrial strength?

Wherever possible our cleaning operatives use industrial strength but bio-degradable, eco-friendly cleaning products within residential properties. These are free from harsh chemicals to minimize the risk of causing allergy symptoms. Rest assured that we will use the most appropriate products to leave your property smelling clean and refreshing every time.

Are you able to provide your services during the COVID-19 lockdown?

Ashworth Group are operating as normal during COVID-19 lockdown. We have put in provisions to ensure that all our services: Inventory, Cleaning and EPC have not been affected. Please feel confident in booking your requirements with us as normal.

Do Ashworth Group provide a guarantee for their Cleaning?

As per the Service Gurantee section in our Terms & Conditions, our Cleaning Services are covered by our 48 hour guarantee. If our operatives have missed a part of the property or you are unhappy with an area that has been cleaned, providing that you contact us within 48 hours of the booking and we agree that the request is founded and legitimate, we will arrange for them to re-attend the property and rectify the problem as best as possible.

Do Ashworth Group staff wear PPE on appointments?

We take the safety of all of our clients and staff very seriously. All our staff are equipped with the correct PPE equipment to ensure that they can carry out their jobs safely.

Do I need to do any preparation before you clean my property?

We do recommend that tenants tidy any personal belongings or important documents prior to our undertaking any cleaning in an occupied property. Anything that could be a potential obstacle or hazard will be identified and moved where possible before we commence cleaning.

How do I know that Ashworth Group can provide my cleaning requirements?

With our experience in tackling difficult cleaning projects we can review your needs and are confident that we can provide a bespoke cleaning solution tailored for your requirements and budget.

At Ashworth Group, we have built a reputation for quality cleaning and value for money. We are happy to provide a list of references from satisfied customers who have benefited from our high quality and specialist cleaning services.