Estate Agent Inventory

Ashworth Group take pride in providing cutting-edge estate agent inventory services. Using our many years of experience as one of London’s premier inventory service companies, we have developed our own bespoke software to help estate agents manage their property inventory requirements securely and efficiently.


Our Dashboard tool allows quick and easy online booking and payment of inventories (And related services), provides updates on progress and manages all bookings in one easy, colour-coded view. The Dashboard can be accessed 24-hours a day and has the option to sort by various filters, including service type and status. 


This tool saves considerable time by providing a clear overview of an estate agent’s property inventory at any given time, including access to historical inventory reports and invoices which can be searched and downloaded directly from the Dashboard. Access to the Dashboard is completely secure and all data is encrypted in transit and at rest on our servers. 


If you are an estate agent, we can take care of all your residential inventory needs, from start to finish. Ashworth Group offers  a comprehensive estate agent inventory service, from check-in/check-out services, condition reports to key hand-over. This means that none of your staff need to be involved in the process and they can focus on client liaison, service and sales instead.


Estate agents can have confidence that Ashworth Group are committed to providing the most streamlined and efficient processes to book and manage their property inventories. Backed by our experience and multi award winning service, Ashworth Group continue to be the inventory company of choice for estate agents and landlords alike. 


Contact us on 0208 989 0545 or email and we will be happy to give you a demonstration of our Dashboard tool and show how it can save time and provide a dynamic overview of all your estate agent property inventory requirements.

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