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Ashworth Group and TDS Collaborate

We have recently become TDS accredited. This allows our Inventory clerks and coordinators to further understand the deposit return process.

Things that you must look for in an inventory company

Choosing an inventory company isn’t a decision that you should rush into, but if you make sure that you look for these key things, you’re in a great position for getting a high quality job carried out with the least possible amount of fuss.

Inventories in London

Can you explain how the inventory service works? 

Professional Inventory services, such as Ashworth Group, provide a type of protection for landlords. A check-in inventory report is compiled and prepared at the beginning of a tenancy agreement, which provides a complete description of a property and is agreed by tenants and landlords as a contract. At the end of the letting agreement, we then provide a check out inventory report.

Importance of Fire regulated furniture since 1988

Everyone wants affordable furniture. But what many consumers may not know is that some cheaper or second-hand furniture, mainly upholstered furnishings, can be extremely flammable and can pose a serious fire hazard.

Importance of Blind safety cleats for rental properties

The safety of rental properties should be of utmost concern to landlords. There are many hidden dangers in a home and there are many regulations in place to help protect both landlords and tenants.

Are clients allowing accompanied appointments for check ins and check outs

Check in and check out reports are important for both landlords and tenants. The report outlines the condition of a property, as well as its contents both at the start and at the end of a tenancy.

How are mid-term inspections being carried out since Covid?

Mid-term inspections are important for both tenants and landlords. These reports are a formal check of the property and usually take place during the tenancy at regular every 3 months.

Association of Independent Inventory Clerks

The AIIC was established in 1996 and provides a nationally recognised body for Independent Inventory Clerks and helps Letting Agents and Landlords find their local inventory partners.

The secrets of the most successful private landlords

There’s a common misconception that owning property is the key to an easy life. Surely, it’s just a case of getting a tenant in there, then sitting back and watching the cash roll into your bank account every month? Well, if you’ve been in the business a little while, you’ll know that quite often isn’t the case. 

Big mistakes that new landlords often make - and how to avoid them

Buying a property to rent out can be a fantastic business proposition if you have some cash spare and you’re looking for something that’s a fairly risk free option. Before you rush into anything though, it pays to do your research and know exactly what it takes to be a successful landlord.

How can an inventory company save my letting agency money?

You might have been thinking that an inventory company could be an expense that your letting agency could do without, but now that you have the full picture, can you really afford to consider any other options?

Neighbours, everybody needs good neighbours

We take responsibility and look after you during your time of renting. It’s always better to make sure you’re covered just in case you do experience a bad tenant that is causing more of an expense than a profit.

The Struggles Landlords Face

It can be difficult being a landlord, some people say it’s easy money as all you’re doing is renting a property to someone who will pay you the rent and treat the property as their home.

How to remove limescale

Lime scale — that chalky white film from hard water — can show up on your kitchen taps, appliances and bathroom fixtures. Unsightly in the short run and potentially damaging in the long run, lime scale can be tough to eliminate. Here are the best strategies to get rid of the problem.

New EU Regulations for blinds and shutter safety

A change in the law in February 2014' has seen a tightening of safety regulations for blinds and shutters in the European Union, following 27 fatalities since 1999 where babies and young children have become entangled with internal window blind cords and chains in the UK alone.

Tenants safe under new government measure

New regulations will be laid in Parliament to require landlords to install smoke and carbon monoxide alarms in their properties, and are expected to come into force, subject to Parliamentary approval, on 10 October 2015.

What makes an Inventory Company ‘’Professional’’?

Many Inventory company sites boast that they are ‘’market leaders’’ or ‘’professional’’ In truth, allot of these companies are quick start-up businesses who have little or no accreditations or experience what so ever.

Common pitfalls when renting out a property - and how to overcome them

Whether you’re new to the field of buy to let or you’ve been in the business for many years, there are certain mistakes that you can make that can make your life much harder than it needs to be.

Landlords can have unrealistic expectations at check-ins

Landlords are still pushing for ‘betterment’ at the end of tenancies and many have unrealistic expectations of what they can claim against tenant deposits.